Irrigation Package
Irrigation Package
Irrigation Package
Irrigation Package
Irrigation Package
Irrigation Package
Irrigation Package
Irrigation Package
Irrigation Package
Irrigation Package
Canopy Mate

Irrigation Package

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Why water by hand when you can do it automatically? The Canopy Mate irrigation package comes with a water pump, a drip emitter, and a water line, to ensure that your plant is well watered.

LED Light

The Canopy Mate uses a 65 watt full-spectrum LED light. We have sized this light to the dimensions of the tent and have taken measurements with a high quality full-spectrum PAR meter. At eight inches from the light you will be getting over 800umol/m2/s ppfd, which is the absolute highest we would ever grow with without the addition of supplemental Co2.

With the light at the very top of the tent, you’re getting about 350umol at the bottom of the tent, which is good for a seedling and the early vegetative phase of growth. Later in the vegetative phase you can drop your light closer to the plant to maintain optimal growing conditions.

LED Wavelength

Through the Canopy Mate app you will be able to automate the lighting, irrigation, and ventilation of your grow environment. We have included everything you need, and nothing you don't.
You can control your full-spectrum LED by deciding the time of day it should turn on, and for how many hours the LED should be on for.
LED grow light controls
You can also control the water pump by scheduling the frequency it should run, and for how long it should run. If your plant looks like it needs a little extra water you can even manually control the pump. 
irrigation controls
Lastly, you can toggle the carbon air-filter ventilation fan and optional internal circulation fan. 
Ventilation controls

Each Canopy Mate includes everything that you need to start growing except for a seed and soil. In the box you will receive: 

• A black acrylic chassis with:

- Carbon air filter
- Power supply
- Automated WiFi enabled controller
- Ventilation fan

• Full-spectrum 65 watt LED light
• Hanging ratchet strap (to raise or lower your LED)
• Mylar enclosure ( 40x40x120 cm ) or ( 16x16x47 inches) 
• Water pump
• Water reservoir
• Water line and dripper
• Barrel jack power cord (to plug the LED into the controller)
• Cloth smart pot for your soil

You will also receive access to the Canopy Mate app for Android or iOS and access to the grower's forum.