About Us

From idea, to harvest

How we got here

In 2018 while working at a co-working space in Vancouver Matt met two other growers, Alex and Nate. They shared the vision of being able to grow at home without the daily responsibilities of tending a garden. They also wanted a solution to this problem that didn’t cost thousands of dollars so that our customers could grow more cannabis than the cost of the system. Enter the Canopy Mate.

Our growing journey

Transforming how you garden

Growing feels good

Like us, your first grow may be motivated by a desire to unlock a lifetime supply of cannabis (and you will), but I promise you will come back for the experience. The unexpected pleasure of watching your own cannabis plant grow is surprising. The feeling of learning to grow and then smoking your own homegrown is a meaningful journey. And perhaps best of all is removing the cost of a gram of weed. Taking away the transaction, the finance, unlocks what weed has always been all about, the community, the friendship, the experience.

Your growing journey
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