Which external USB fan should I use?

Optional internal fan

The Canopy Mate has a USB port for an optional external USB fan. The external USB fan is a great way to gently blow air over the canopy of your plant and strengthen its leaves. 

When looking for a fan it is important to source a low power fan that uses less than 1.0A of current. Ideally, this fan should use around 0.4A of current. The Canopy Mate is a small space and it doesn't take much energy to create a hurricane, something the controller of your Canopy Mate, and your plant, won't like! All electronic devices will state their voltage and their current. Look for a fan that uses 5V ~0.4A.

The brand "Opolar" creates some fans that we like a lot and are sized perfectly for the Canopy Mate. Check out an example here

If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@canopymate.com

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