Canopy Mate Connection Issue

Problem: My Canopy Mate app is saying there is a Connection Issue.

Connection Issue
If your Canopy Mate is saying there is a connection issue this is usually because it is not currently connected to WiFi.

1. Check your Canopy Mate controller

a) The status light on the top of the controller should be GREEN. A green light means that your Canopy Mate is successfully connected to WiFi.

Green WiFi controller

b) If the status light is RED, this means your Canopy Mate is not connected to WiFi. 

WiFi Red

c) If the status light is BLUE, this means your Canopy Mate is currently broadcasting it's WiFi. Press and hold the function button on the controller for 5-seconds until the light turns either red, or green.

2. My light is RED - How do I connect to Wi-Fi?

a) If your light is red, and you have already connected your Canopy Mate to WiFi in the past, your Canopy Mate might be too far away from your Wi-Fi router.

Check your WiFi signal strength. Ideally your signal strength should be above 50%. In the photo below the signal strength is 64%. 

WiFi Signal Strength

b) To find the signal strength of your Canopy Mate we recommend watching our Wi-Fi setup video

If your signal strength is below 50% you will need to move your Canopy Mate closer to your WiFi router or purchase a WiFi range extender to boost your WiFi signal.

3. My light is RED - I need to reconnect my Wi-Fi

If you have changed your WiFi password, your WiFi name has changed, or you are connecting to a new WiFi network, you will need to connect (or reconnect) your Canopy Mate to your home WiFi. 

To connect your Canopy Mate to your home WiFi follow the steps outlined in this WiFi setup video



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