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Grow Your Own

Affordable, Automated, Fun

Automated Cannabis Grow Box

Grow without the responsibilities of tending a garden.

Fully Automated
Grow With Your Phone
The iOS and Android App allows you to schedule and monitor your grow.
Providing you the tools to
Maximise Your Yield
Grow up to 4oz in one single grow.


Growing Made Easy

Full-spectrum LED (65 Watt), Water Pump & Reservoir (3-week capacity), Carbon air-filter, Ventilation Fan, WiFi Enabled Controller

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How It Works

Plant your Seed

The Canopy Mate comes with everything you need to start growing except for soil, and a seed.

Set your Schedule

Grow with the app's default settings (perfect for beginners) or customize them if you're already an expert grower!

Watch it Grow

With an automated cannabis grow-box you can grow effortlessly and all year round.

Start Your
Grow Journey

Affordable, Automated, Fun